I ‘recently’ turned 30 and started having an early midlife crisis. I call it early because clearly I’m nowhere near the midlife mark!

So, what do I do now?

Not that I feel I’ve accomplished all the great and daring things in life I wanted, but seriously, what do I do now??

Well, the thing is, I like to daydream. A lot. I’ve spent over 30 years doing it, I’m an expert. I have perfected the art of drifting off to boogie with fairies in la la land to perfection while life just happened. But you see the thing is, whilst I’m lost in reverie, I am usually thinking of interesting things. Things about life, surroundings, travel, the couple next to me having a domestic, childhood, different brands of cat food, Brad Pitt’s sudden urge to ruin all credibility as a sex god (and have a head on crash with senility) by rambling in a Chanel ad!

So having thought of numerous ways to spend my fourth decade I thought of blogging. It’s the perfect way to escape the daydreaming, and give life to my thoughts. Who knows, maybe others out there in the blogsphere will find them entertaining, and I will then be entertaining real people, instead of just myself.

My name is Ruvi, and I live in London with my cat. Welcome to my blog!


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