Seasons of War

How can we part ways my beloved
For you are all, I have ever needed
To keep away my most dreaded
Thoughts which otherwise would have my mind clouded

As long as you shine bright against blue
I shall never need another but you
To whisk away the troubles of present
Oh, how man has made man unpleasant

Once you weaken, the leaves will redden
The most blue canvas, will too ashen
I shall be reminded once afresh
That war and hate had never left

Innocent are most who perish
Leaving behind a mournful abyss
For every kindred soul that’s slain
There will be another in unbounded pain

Under the veil of darkness we must
Find a course towards transparent trust
For without trust, man will not cherish
The sights of his fellow man’s flourish

Someday again I will feel your presence
Bursting forth with efflorescence
Hope I will as I behold you above
That you will usher in a summer of love

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