Snooze, you lose!

Top 5 tips to make your morning alarm snooze process seamless (For smart phone users only and excludes radio alarms and alarm clocks)


I am not a morning person. If you are like me, then you surely know how to snooze your alarm. I think I may have mastered this to perfection, and wanted to share my tips with you 😉

    • Don’t under any circumstances turn it off rather than snoozing. Learn the difference. Train yourself not to turn it off. Not much can beat that moment when you realise you over slept, and you spring out of bed like you slept on a porcupine and your bed was on fire, looking like medusa. Also not much can beat the next 10 – 20 minutes when you are running around like you have a purpose(get to work on time), but you don’t know what you are doing, or where anything is or what day of the week it is.
    • Make sure it is the exact snooze interval you desire. 5 minutes is too short, 15 minutes may be too long. Power naps are thought to be more revitalising. Scientifically speaking they can be anywhere  between 10 -30 minutes.  Now, thanks to snoozing we have the ability to have them (power naps) multiple times in the morning. I think there is only one more thing I would want more than this multiple times 😉 Imagine how awake you can be. Carpe Diem!
    • Make sure that you find shortcuts on your device that will allow you to snooze the alarm in one swift action. For example on the iPhone you can just hit the power button to snooze rather than having to look at the phone and swipe. This will require you to open your eyes. You don’t want that, because once you see sunlight there will be no sleep.
    • Make sure the phone is accessible from your bed. It should be anywhere within the radius of your shoulder and your middle finger (arm must be extended). If you don’t have a bedside table then leave it on the floor in the approximate location your middle finger will touch the floor when you roll over towards the edge. It’s extremely important that you don’t leave the phone close to your head as the radiation is bad. Seriously.
    • Warning: Ensure that in the delirium of waving your arms around that you do not bump your phone into an inaccessible crevice. Last thing you want to do is try to fall asleep while your bongo bongo alarm tone is ringing in your ear. Lucky for me, I have a husband – who I instruct to get out of bed and take care of it for me.

Legal note: These snoozing tips are for advisory purposes. I cannot be held legally accountable for any failures to get up or for you being fired from your job for over-sleeping.


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