2 tickets to the Lone Ranger please!


Would you go to the movies alone?

This is something that has always fascinated me. There are people who will, and then there are people who won’t. I belong to the latter group and would like to think that the majority belong to my special paranoid group. The others are surely all losers right?

I have always been terrified of this, and totally paranoid that someone will see me. I think that they would see me as a female Norman Bates, a loner with psychotic tendencies. I would be plotting my next murder. Perhaps of the annoyingly tall person in front of me because I can’t see anything past their head!

But wait, really? Is that what people actually think?

This topic recently came up at dinner with friends. The table was divided. Those of us who rejected the idea, were challenged – Why do you need someone there? You can’t talk for the whole duration? Whats the point?

So very true. A cinematic experience is somehow classified as a ‘social’ activity by society, but, in reality it’s one of the least social activities you can experience. We think it’s perfectly acceptable to go to the gym by ourselves, and go to the mall. So why not the movies? What is the difference?

This year, I might find out for myself, and try it as a dare. Just in case I have second thoughts I have given myself these guidelines – feel free to adopt these life lessons for yourself as well:

  • To set the ‘reality’ in motion ensure you buy 2 tickets. Two tickets to the ‘Lone Ranger’ is much better than just one;
  • Always go in after the previews have started, as it will be considerably darker, and I will be less noticeable
  • Shadow a random group of people as they enter into the cinema – people will think you are part of the posse;
  • On entry, pretend to be on the phone – “yep yep, I’ll see you in 5 minutes, it will start soon don’t be late.. don’t forget the Ben and Jerry’s.. I left your ticket at the counter..” This dialogue with myself obviously needs to be timed perfectly – to ensure strangers are within earshot.  Sidenote: Need to ensure phone is on silent so as to avoid embarrassment of phone ringing when I am stealthily pretending to be on said phone
  • When sitting down, put popcorn on the seat next to me for my imaginary plus one.
  • Just before the movie is about to start, have another conversation with myself on the phone – “where are you? the movie is about to start”

Hopefully I won’t have to employ these tactics and I will realise that no-one actually cares…

Would you go/have been alone?

Photo from: http://www.tescomagazine.com/Media/images/cinema-alone-hero-a0841072-29c8-4a4c-95eb-f58e7ff8b12b-0-640×360.jpg


5 thoughts on “2 tickets to the Lone Ranger please!

  1. haha I went to the movies for the first time by myself this year. I have to say it was quite liberating. And guess what, no one blinked an eye lid. Mind you, I did sneak in once the previews had started and left as soon as the credits started rolling haha. I recommend going in the middle of the day during the week as opposed to Friday or Saturday night for obvious reasons of lowering the chances of being “seen”! 😀

  2. I go almost every time alone. Don’t worry about what other people think. Odds are, they don’t care. 🙂 Plus, they’ll forget about you during the movie, and have nothing but the movie on their mind afterwards.

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