You’re friend-ed! and You’re de-friended!!

Is it just me or does being de-friended on Facebook mean the ultimate bitch slap?

Haven’t we come a long way? It used to be just a matter of saying ‘Bitch, I hate you, get out!’. Or giving each other death stares, screening phone calls, stealing boyfriends (maybe that’s taking it too far). These were the socially accepted methods of divorcing friends. Now, we still do all that, however as long as you’re Facebook friends there is still that last chance of salvaging a friendship (if you want to). Even though in reality there is very little to salvage, you don’t consider you’re self officially divorced until the ‘de-friend’! It’s almost like a long overdue cancellation of a gym membership. You know you’re never going to go again, but until you cancel, you’re in a constant state of denial. I’m going to pilates on Tuesday and a swim on Thursday blah blah….

Recently a friend of mine went on a de-friending frenzy and cut a whole bunch of us off. Truth be told our friendship was strained for a while, so it should not have been a total surprise. But it was. I was surprised and disappointed. My friend’s list which was slowly creeping towards 300, was now down by 1 (I know I am sad like that).
Point is, it took Facebook to convince me that it was over for good!
Is this the way forward? Are we no longer going to talk to each other, and cut the last string with a click of a button? What do you think?

3 thoughts on “You’re friend-ed! and You’re de-friended!!

  1. I don’t know, it’s just kind of a natural progression. Like in the old days when you’d just stop calling someone or not invite her to a party. Everyone at the party can see that she’s not there and if the relationship was strained or waning anyway, it’s not a big deal. Facebook makes it seem like so much of a statement where really it isn’t. Watch or rewatch The Social Network. It’s currently on loop in my bedroom. The original idea was all about exclusivity. Not everyone makes the cut, that’s what made it cool, or so they thought. Anyway, a defriending is weird but all it really means is that you won’t be copied on random communications between a former friend and her current friends. Not such a loss, really. I do it with contact lists and I used to do it with paper address books. At some point I would wonder, why am I still scrolling by a person who I’ll never have need to call again. — Deleted. Are you sure? Yes, Delete.

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