Question:Left or right? Answer: Strait, through the lake!


OK, so we’ve all had them. At some point in our lives we’ve all had a domestic in a car about directions. Be it tantrums, radio silence for the entire journey and possibly beyond, walk offs(involves getting off car and walking to destination or somewhere random) we have all been there.

It used to be the AA guide, or good old Gregory’s(in Australia). These guides have witnessed many squabbles no doubt. Generally one is not paying attention and the other misses a turn, or one gets disoriented and can’t tell left from right (males for some reason seem to think this is a problem with the fairer sex, I disagree!)
Now we have ditched the manuals for the GPS. We have a name for our’s – Gereldine the GPS 🙂
Me and my husband still fight about directions regardless of it. This might be due to the fact that he misses turns because he’s not paying attention. Or maybe because he drives off before I plug the coordinates in, and the satellite takes a while to calculate the point of reference – a moving car! I have my own share of errors but let’s not tell him that (only because it’s far less than his). It’s often a yelling contest between ‘where the hell do I turn?’, ‘I don’t know, the gps is still calculating’, ‘can’t you tell by just looking at the map?’ ‘No I can’t, why don’t you stop moving!’
Is it just me or have we become more stupid with it’s introduction? after all the effort gone into the yelling and screaming getting somewhere, we cannot remember how we got there, we need Gereldine to tell us! I used to be smarter than that.
Why do couples get into these episodes when it comes to directions? I think it’s generally because both involved ‘think’ that they are far more superior than the other when it comes to orientation. What is the etiquette whilst driving? Who should take ultimate responsibility for directions? The answer to that will make my life in a car easier for sure!

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