Bidding goodnight to the day that's been
Velvety skies bring soft moon beams  
Stars come shooting, granting wishes
Pulling lovers  with tender embraces

Dreams, nightmares come alive
We enter worlds real and bright
Some we wish to exit from
Others we wish to stay within  



Time is upon us so it seems 
To shake the year off that has been
New beginnings bring joy and hope
To all those who could barely cope

Capricious was the year just gone
With illness gripping every dawn
I pray this year will heal and mend
This world we all love till the end

Vivid Youth

Backpack in hand off I went
To soak my thirsty brain
So many things to share with many a friend
Much in the way of knowledge to gain

Gone are those days so carefree
Devoid of burden and duty
Our only job was to be joyous and free
With the promise of tomorrow a sure guarantee

Memories so vivid they brighten my face
I will take with me to my ripe old age
Never will that time be within my embrace
A youth lived well faded away by change

wk 219 vivid

Till loneliness turns to dust

Through the mirror she could see
The beauty and grace she could be
Invisible was she from plain sight
She wished to be seen with her fire so bright

Never did they stop to glance
Or ever give her a chance
For she had no standard beauty 
With a single requisite set by society

Why was there no love for me she wondered
When all around her were enamoured 
Am I any less worthy
Than anyone else on this human journey

Carry on she must
With all this unjust 
From dawn till dusk
Till loneliness turns to dust

wk 217 requisite


Why must it always be such
He thought walking in a rush
The distance was once passable 
But now impossible

She's always near, yet too far to hold
I'll be by your side, so she told
Like the wind he cannot catch and keep
He tries in vain from a place so deep

Hard as it may be to remember
The spell they were both once under
Homebound she is tomorrow, and he will try his luck
He grew impatient as dawn slowly turned to dusk

July 2021 Writing Prompts – Putting My Feet in the Dirt


There are ties that bind us by blood, those we cannot choose. Then there are those that we tie ourselves. Ties made in a split second, without hesitation, with all good intentions.

She couldn’t back down now, it was too late. On the one hand she felt an incredible amount of self worth, on the other, utter disbelief at what she had just done. For better or worse, she was tethered to this stranger forever now. He would have jumped!

wk 216 tether